Can Reiki Help Me Get a Job?

Q: Can Reiki help me get a job?

A: Yes.

This question could mean lots of different scenarios. But Reiki can help with each one, so let’s look at two of them.

  • You lost your job and need to find a new one. You know what you want to do and are applying for things that fit your skills.

Use Reiki to keep your chakras clear and balanced. Losing a job is stressful, so that affects your third chakra. Reiki can help manage the stress and help you feel more confident. Losing a job affects your abundance and feeling of validation, so the second chakra needs energy to replenish it and help you think of creative solutions. The heart chakra needs energy to help you shine your best out to the world and believe in yourself. Reiki can help bring your energetic system into balance so you can be at your best during this time.

Also, send Reiki to the intention to open new doors of opportunity and connect you with the right people at the right time. As you feel the energy flowing, you’ll know that your intention is getting energized. This will help move things along.

  • You don’t know what you want to do as a job/ career.

Reiki can help with this too. Take this time to bring yourself into balance. Clear blockages that may be making it hard to find your purpose. Let Reiki clear your third eye chakra – where your intuition is processed. This also is connected to your sense of life purpose. Give yourself Reiki in your third chakra to overcome anxiety and fear of moving ahead.

Take some time to assess your situation. What is happening in your life now? When my husband was out of work, his mom was struggling with cancer and needed his help. It was the perfect opportunity for him to focus on giving her the support she needed.

Take some time to assess what you love to do. What do you spend time doing when you have the chance, just because you love it? What kinds of jobs include using these passions? Send Reiki to the intention to connect you with the right job in which you can use your skills and talents to help others and bring in the money that will serve your family’s needs.

Note: If you’re not attuned to Reiki, you can receive Reiki from a practitioner who can help direct the energy to these intentions. It’s also easy to learn Reiki for yourself. Online Reiki classes are available at the Reiki Awakening Academy. Practical Reiki can be learned quickly and easily. 

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Is there scientific evidence that Reiki works?

Q: Is there scientific evidence that Reiki works?

A: That’s an interesting question. There is both scientific and experiential evidence that Reiki works. Just ask someone who gives Reiki, or the clients who receive it. All will report many stories of significant improvements. I’m included in that – I have plenty of anecdotal evidence from my own experience both as a giver and a receiver of Reiki for me to know conclusively that Reiki works.

As far as scientific evidence, though…it’s time for more people to know that there IS!

Reiki’s effects can be experienced and noted in different ways.

For example, it’s understood scientifically that intention, Reiki and other thought-energy imprints itself on the state of water. Naturopaths know this. They often work with little vials of water that have been imprinted with the energy of different substances to muscle test for allergies and adverse reactions.

Also, a Random Event Generator, such as the Mind Lamp developed by Psyleron, shows visibly that a program that generates random numbers changes behavior in the presence of intention/ Reiki/ energy. I actually have a Mind Lamp, and it’s extremely fascinating. You can see how it changed behavior in this replay of the 11/11/11 distance healing that I recorded. During most of the time we were sharing energy, the lamp remained steadily white, rather than changing colors randomly as it usually does. Also, when someone participating suggested a color, the lamp changed to that color, as if on demand.

The effects of Reiki energy make a visible difference in the spoil rate and quality of cooked rice in experiments, like this one by one of my colleagues.

People who experience Reiki, and Reiki practitioners alike know what they feel. And there are many, many anecdotes about miraculous healings that occurred after one or several Reiki sessions. I have seen those I share Reiki with relax, feel relief from pain and stress, and even more. There are many testimonials such as this one that you could watch to hear it from the people themselves.

Recently, I have been introduced to a very important book. It’s not well known in the United States, maybe because it was published in London. In any case, the book is called Healing Research, Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality, by Dr. Daniel J. Benor. It is, I think, a very well put together series of research studies on many aspects of energy research. It needs to be more known! I have personally given a copy of this book to the Director of the Transdisciplinary Holistic Studies Program at The Cleveland Clinic, of which I am a participant. He said he would take it to the Research Department and introduce it to them. Included in this book are controlled studies of the effects of energy healing on bacteria, cells, enzymes, fungi, animals, electrodermal activity, and many other topics. I’m very impressed with it! I did not know that there was so much research actually documented, and I’m very relieved that now I do know about this book. I encourage all who might be in need of some real science to get a copy of this book.

So ask yourself this – how do you decide what matters? Do you need some scientific evidence, or do you believe what you feel and experience? If you feel it, notice a difference, does that make it real enough for you? If Reiki could help you feel better when something was wrong, would that be enough? Or do you need scientific data to convince you to try it? Do you trust yourself enough to discern the truth in your own life?

Either way, you’ll find what you need. Reiki is real.

When you’re ready, come find me. I’ll be here ready to show you.

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How Much Can Reiki Help?

Q: How Much Can Reiki Help?

A: We don’t know. It’s not up to the person offering the healing to decide the limits of Reiki to help someone, or in what way the energy is going to work. Sometimes it works on deep emotional levels that take a while to surface. Other times, a person receiving Reiki may experience profound relief from physical pain. There could be cumulative effects when Reiki healings are received regularly. The effects could be subtle or powerful.

In my experience, we are not consciously in charge of the way the energy works. Therefore, we are not in charge of knowing or affecting the limits of the effectiveness either.

A profound example of this happened to me a year ago when I met a woman, Deborah, who was in serious pain from many problems. She was in constant pain and had a very difficult time walking. I gave her ten minutes of Reiki at an expo, at the urging of her friend. After the brief energy session, Deborah was able to turn her head, when she had not been able to before – at least without a lot of pain. She was impressed.

Four months later I saw her at another expo. She was a new person – walking tall without her cane, smiling. She told me that since our meeting she had been seeing a local Reiki practitioner for an hour a week, every week. The improvements were significant each week, which was encouraging to Deborah and kept her coming back. Her neurologist had told her that her problems would only get worse. Meanwhile, she was improving and needing the meds less and less, until she wasn’t taking anything for pain or sleep.

Deborah told me that she was starting as a Reiki student the following week.

I was at the same expo last weekend, a year from the first time I met Deborah, when I saw her again. She had just finished her level 3 training in Usui Reiki, and was still doing great. She let me video record her talking about her experience and the profound change that Reiki made in her life.

Here she is:

The bottom line is that the less we try to define or understand the possible limits of the effectiveness of Reiki, the better. Let it happen, and ask that the recipient receive the healing that is needed. Then just be grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the process.

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Do tattoos affect a person’s energy?

Q: Do tattoos affect a person’s energy?
My tattooA:  Let’s think about the essence of what a tattoo is. It’s a symbol, drawn on the skin. It is physical, with an emotional (usually positive) energy attached to it, because the wearer chose it intentionally, and it has emotional meaning for that person, presumably of a positive nature. I do not think that this sort of tattoo could be harmful to the person’s energy. It probably makes that person feel good about themselves, or reminded of a powerful lesson. Perhaps the person feels empowered by the experience of getting the tattoo and proud to have it.

On the other hand, a tattoo that has been forced upon a person (i.e. the way prisoners in WW2 had numbers tattooed on their wrists) would have damaging effects to the emotions and the energy because of the negative reminder of being no more than a number to those in power over them.

So, as with many things in life, the energy associated with the experience is what will have the most effect on the person’s energy. Will it affect the ability of a person gives Reiki? No reason to think so.

If a person has negative connotations with his or her tattoo, however, it may be something that is a reason to receive healing energy to resolve.

Learn more about Reiki in a down-to-earth, simple and clear way at

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Do I need to protect myself when I give Reiki?

Q: Do I need to protect myself when I give Reiki?

A: It is always prudent when working with higher frequencies of energy, which is what one is doing when giving Reiki, to protect one’s energy before beginning. This isn’t because Reiki is dangerous, or because there could be energetic “backwash” from the person you are treating. Instead, it is because of the nature of what you are doing.

When a person is working with Reiki, the person’s energetic frequency is raised higher. The subtle frequencies of Reiki energy, as well as many other energy sources, are at a higher frequency of vibration than those which we embody day to day. It’s like we’re playing a lower note usually, but when working with Reiki we are reaching for a higher note.

Other practices also raise one’s energetic frequency. Some examples are: meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and other energy healing practices. We raise our frequency in doing these things, which allows connection to the Source energy – of which Reiki is a part. Then we can ask that energy of this frequency enter and replenish us or our client. This asking is called “intention” and it’s not a prayer, hope, dream or wish – it’s a directive. When we intend to connect with Reiki energy, meditate, or do these other practices mentioned above, we are open to allowing this higher vibrational Source energy to flow into and through us. Our intuition allows us to communicate with these higher frequencies. This communication assists Reiki practitioners in sensing the needs of the client or self, and sometimes receive guidance or intuitive messages.

So this “opening” to connect with the subtler frequencies raises our vibration just enough to do the work we are intending to do. As is the case with magnetic energy, opposites attract. There are negative energy bits around us as well. They are attracted to higher energy frequencies, and may find an open person a handy entry point.

We can avoid attracting negative energy by using energetic protection techniques. There are many simple ways to protect your energy before giving Reiki or working with intuition. The easiest is just to ask. Say or think an intention that your field be energetically protected as you do this work. I usually think, “I ask for protection and assistance from my guides, angels, and Spirit as I offer this Reiki session.”

Another technique that is especially protective include visualizing and intending that a shield of blue, gold and white light surround your aura, only allowing positive energy to enter. Do this before beginning a healing. Some Reiki practitioners place symbols around the room and in their aura and hands before beginning a treatment, with the intention of protection, support and healing. It’s all intention, and all of them work. So choose what you like and make it a part of your practice.

If you’d like to learn more about energetic protection techniques or increasing your intuition, visit the Reiki Awakening Academy.

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What should I be thinking about while giving Reiki?

Q: What should I be thinking about while giving Reiki?

A: It’s best to be in a space of quiet observation during Reiki, whether you are giving or receiving. Most of all, you want to avoid “pushing” the energy. That sort of effort is not only unnecessary, it uses your own personal energy, which Reiki practitioners should never do.

Reiki healings should have two basic steps for the practitioner:

1. Setting the intention – this includes connecting with the Reiki energy (essentially intending “Reiki on” or “Reiki”, which indicates your desire to start the Reiki flowing), and then giving directions to the energy (such as “self healing,” “relieve pain,” “release stress,” or “the healing that is needed,” just for some examples). This is called “Intention.”

2.  Paying attention to the sensations you experience as the energy flows. This is called “Attention.” You may experience changes in temperature, tingles, heat, colors, intuitive messages, sounds, or other sensations which relate to the way your intuition communicates with you. For more on intuitive communication, or clairs, read this post.

So Intention and Attention are the ways you should direct your thoughts when giving Reiki.

That said, if you suddenly find yourself thinking about your to do list, planning your menu for dinner, or mulling over something that happened that morning, it won’t “ruin” the Reiki healing, but it’s best if you could redirect your thoughts to what is happening right now, in this session. That’s going to allow you to give the highest quality of service to your client or recipient. If your thoughts are wandering, you might miss an intuitive message that could be good to share with your client.

If your mind wanders, the Reiki will continue to flow. But consider this…would you want your doctor, pharmacist, counselor, teacher, or even friend to be attending to you but thinking about other things? Of course not. It’s respectful and kindest to be present – here, now – when giving Reiki…as in most things we are doing. Practicing mindful presence will make your life better and improve the quality of your Reiki healings for you, the practitioner, and your client.

To learn more about Reiki and expanding your intuition, visit The Reiki Awakening Academy.

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Can I send distance healing to more than one person at a time?

Q: Can I send distance healing to more than one person at a time?

A: Yes! Absolutely!

There are many techniques that will make it easy to do this. You can send distance healing to one, two, ten, a hundred, a million, a whole country, or the world if you want to. Why? Because the limits are all in your intention. Intention is the way we tell the Reiki energy what we want it to do.

Here are some techniques for getting distance healing flowing to any number of people you designate:

  • Use words. This is the simplest method. Simply activate the Reiki energy (most practitioners just say or think “Reiki” or “Reiki on” to do this.) Then intend for Reiki to flow to who you want. For example, “Reiki on. Reiki healing for Jim Smith, Suzy Jones, and Sammy Lee. May each receive the healing that is needed at this time.” Then let the Reiki flow.Another example: “Reiki on. Reiki healing for all who need it in Japan, for their highest and greatest good.” Then let the Reiki flow.
  • Make a list. Write down the names of everyone who you want to send distance healing to. Then intend for the Reiki to activate. Hold the list and intend that Reiki energy flow to all whose names are on the list. I like to read the list while doing so to emphasize the intention to send healing to each person whose name is written on the list.
  • Use a Reiki box. Write the names or intentions (i.e. abundance, a better job, finding my life’s purpose, etc.) each on their own slip of paper. Put all of the papers into a box. Then send distance healing to all intentions in the box. Activate the Reiki energy, then intend “Allow Reiki energy to flow to send healing to all people and intentions written on paper in this box.”
  • The group between the hands method. Intend that the specific group of people you are sending healing to is represented in mini size small enough to fit between your hands. Intend to activate the Reiki energy. Then hold your hands with palms facing each other, and intend to send Reiki to the entire group at once.
  • Make a crystal grid. Here are detailed instructions how to prepare and use one. This is a very visual and concrete way to represent the intention for continuous healing. People who like to have altars or a decorated sacred space for meditation or Reiki practice may gravitate toward this method.

Keep in mind:

  • Personal one-to-one distance healing is often strongest and allows you to be involved enough to scan the person and determine where the energy is flowing.
  • Permission is ethical when sending Reiki to another person. If you know the person or people you wish to send Reiki to, you should try to get their permission first. There are solid reasons for this. For more on the ethics of permission, click here.

To learn more about distance healing, click here.

Comments and questions are welcome!

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