Do tattoos affect a person’s energy?

Q: Do tattoos affect a person’s energy?
My tattooA:  Let’s think about the essence of what a tattoo is. It’s a symbol, drawn on the skin. It is physical, with an emotional (usually positive) energy attached to it, because the wearer chose it intentionally, and it has emotional meaning for that person, presumably of a positive nature. I do not think that this sort of tattoo could be harmful to the person’s energy. It probably makes that person feel good about themselves, or reminded of a powerful lesson. Perhaps the person feels empowered by the experience of getting the tattoo and proud to have it.

On the other hand, a tattoo that has been forced upon a person (i.e. the way prisoners in WW2 had numbers tattooed on their wrists) would have damaging effects to the emotions and the energy because of the negative reminder of being no more than a number to those in power over them.

So, as with many things in life, the energy associated with the experience is what will have the most effect on the person’s energy. Will it affect the ability of a person gives Reiki? No reason to think so.

If a person has negative connotations with his or her tattoo, however, it may be something that is a reason to receive healing energy to resolve.

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2 Responses to Do tattoos affect a person’s energy?

  1. Katana Leigh says:

    What a great thought! Reminds me of Masaru Emoto’s work – when water is exposed to words like love and gratitude, they are beautiful and delicate. I imagine if the tattoos we choose for ourselves; and their vibration,will affect the water in our bodies as well.

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