How can I deal with people who say that Reiki is fake?

Q: How can I deal with people who say that Reiki is fake?

A: It depends. Some people will reserve judgment until they give you a chance to let them experience Reiki. They will ask intelligent yet skeptical questions and honestly allow themselves to experience Reiki before they decide. Those are not the people this question is addressing today. Skepticism is fine – it implies that someone is open to trying the experience before making a decision about whether it is “True.”

This question is meant to address those who flat out decide, and then proclaim, that Reiki is fake. They are closed-minded, having made their decision based on something other than experience. That could mean fear of the unknown, extreme religious doctrine, or being afraid to accept that there is more than their current version of reality. You have no chance to change their mind; they are looking for a chance to convince YOU that you are wasting your time.

But you know better, don’t you? So how do you deal with these people?

The answer: you don’t.

Do not defend yourself. Do not try to explain or prove that Reiki is powerful, helpful, healing, etc. You won’t get anywhere.

Here’s what you should do instead:

Keep practicing with quiet confidence. Ignore those who would try to put you down or invalidate your work.

One or both of these two things will happen as a result:

1) You will continue to serve those who need and benefit from Reiki. (This is your purpose, right?)

2) The naysayer will either notice your positive results, or he will continue to deny Reiki. Either way, you are still doing your part to make the world better and getting the positive results that validate this work for those who matter – you and those you serve. (See #1).

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About Reiki Awakening

Alice Langholt is a parent, author and teacher with Master level training in several Reiki modalities. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development ( Alice is the author of the new Reiki resource, Practical Reiki TM: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method, which won second place for Best Reiki Book in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards. Alice maintains a local Reiki practice as an Associate at Insight Learning and Wellness Center in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In addition, she has authored eBooks in Distance Healing and Energetic Protection, as well as specific curricula in Reiki for Parents, Reiki for Nurses and Caregivers (approved by the Ohio Board of Nurses for continuing education units), and more. Alice spent a year volunteering at The Cleveland Clinic offering Reiki to patients and staff, and is a Group Leader with The Distance Healing Network ( She will teach Practical Reiki in Lily Dale, NY (August 2013), and gives workshops at holistic expos around the US. Alice is rated the #1 most influential person on Twitter under the category Reiki by Her husband, Evan, and their four kids know and use Reiki. As a teacher, Alice believes that close guidance and mentoring are essential elements for learning energy healing. She provides this support to each student, getting to know each and assist him or her in growing intuition and becoming confident practitioners. Receive Reiki, order pendulums, energy charged stones, and more by visiting Alice at
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4 Responses to How can I deal with people who say that Reiki is fake?

  1. joe says:

    sorry to bust your bubble, but reiki is FAKE.

    • Wow, Joe, thanks so much for setting me straight. I think I’ll quit Reiki now, since you’ve so brilliantly pointed out that it’s fake, and I’ll go get a job doing something legitimate, like selling prescription drugs.

      Actually, you’ve given me and my readers a great opportunity to practice what I teach. Following is how I would respond to Joe’s comment as one should respond (not as I responded above, though I did enjoy that sarcastic moment…), because we will all be faced with someone saying something negative at some point or another as we work in this oft-misunderstood field.

      It may be that the best thing is to just thank the person for sharing his thoughts, and be done with him.

      Another approach would be to disregard the comment completely, deleting and blocking the person from further posts.

      It’s clear from his comment that Joe has no interest in learning more, experiencing Reiki, or being open minded. So we are basically done with him at this point.

      We believe in what we are doing, from experience, and someone not believing in Reiki is not about us. It should not cause us to change anything about what we are doing. Rather, a comment like this illustrates clearly where the person making the comment is at in his particular belief. So “thanks for sharing your perspective” is about as much as we need to do – and that’s generous.

      What do you think, readers?

  2. I went into Reiki with an open mind, not knowing at all if it was real or not or what it entailed. Experiencing it for the first time, I could feel it. I know Truth within my own heart, regardless of what any naysayer may proclaim. Call it by any other name, it is and always will be the truth we know within that will burn brighter than anything anyone can say.

    As a practitioner myself, when encountering folks who haven’t heard or ever had any experience, I am careful to not tell them what to expect. Some people feel the energy flowing in and through, other people just feel relaxed, some people just fall asleep. Some people see colors or lights or shapes, other people see nothing.

    It is a very individual experience but never anything that should be discounted as being fake.

    The world is full of possibility, so long as we are open to it.

    A closed heart, however, is seldom opening to letting in anything.

    Just as closed eyes will never fully see the world surrounding them.

    Truth will always be.

    Perception is just what we chose to see.

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