What are the Reiki hand positions for?

Q: What are the Reiki hand positions for?

A: The Reiki hand positions, developed for the original Usui Reiki method of natural healing, are a series of hand positions which, when done in sequence, cover all major areas of the body, from head to toe.

Incorrectly taught by some, the Reiki energy is not “put” on each place as the practitioner moves his hands from position to position. Reiki energy does not truly flow from the hands.

Instead, if the practitioner slowly moves his hands over the recipient during a Reiki treatment, the sensations that the practitioner receives can help him get a sense of where the energy is being received by the client.

The client may feel energy at the places where the practitioner places his hands. That is because the client’s awareness is drawn to those places, and the client may place her attention on that area, and therefore any energy being received in that place will be noticed.

The hand positions, therefore, are a way for the practitioner to be in dialogue with the energy – sense where it is being received most, for example, and then allow the practitioner to comment on that to the client. The client can then place her attention on these areas, which helps her be more receptive and responsive to the Reiki energy as its being received.

Some Reiki systems, such as Kundalini Reiki, do not include a series of hand positions. The practitioner is encouraged to get a sense of the energy flowing, and decide where he wants to place his hands during the treatment.

Regardless of where the practitioner places his hands, the energy is flowing where the recipient is able to receive the healing that is needed.

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2 Responses to What are the Reiki hand positions for?

  1. I like the approach my own teacher took to dealing with the hand positions – a “tradition” of Reiki that also falls among the “newer” styles taught but is in between the traditional and radical one might say. We were taught the positions to be aware of them, but instructed that one may or may not use any of them during a healing. We were taught to follow “guidance” in where to place hands if at all, just as with symbol use. I find this to be a more effective method because it places the healer more in concert with their intuition to get into that habit from the get go and aids in the development of that sense. Called “Reiji Ho” in traditional Usui Reiki it’s the “feeling of direction to a specific area based on intuitive guidance”.

    • Thank you, Naware. I do not think there is anything wrong with teaching the hand positions, of course, but whether they are taught as a “tradition,” “guideline” or whatever, they should be seen as ways for the practitioner to sense the places that the recipient is taking in energy, has blocks, or is releasing stuck energy, entities, or the like. Following guidance on where to place the hands is just fine. It’s just the whole concept of what is really going on, what the hand placements or putting your hands ANYWHERE for that matter are meant to do, that should be taught by the teacher who understands that basic premise. Thank you for enriching our discussion here. Blessings, Alice

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