Is Reiki safe for pregnant women?

Q: Is Reiki safe for pregnant women?

A: Yes! Reiki is perfectly safe for pregnant women, and in fact, it’s very beneficial. The energy helps relieve many pregnancy-related discomforts, relaxes the mom-to-be and helps her sleep better, and is also good for the baby.

The gentle Reiki energy helps on many levels. Personally speaking, I was attuned to Reiki I when I was five months pregnant. Reiki helped me with general aches and pains, with relaxing into sleep at night, and also helped me cope during labor. I felt empowered in more ways than if I had not had the benefits of Reiki at my fingertips. Also, my Reiki Master gave me several Reiki healing sessions while I was pregnant, and it brought me to a wonderful oasis of calm and serenity each time.

One of my students is a Nurse Midwife, and she gives her patients Reiki when they are in labor, and all women who are post-delivery receive Reiki to help them heal. If patients have a c-section, they get Reiki right after their surgery. I love her practice for the way they acknowledge and embrace Reiki as a complementary healing method.

I was so glad that I had learned Reiki when I was pregnant, because after my daughter was born, I was able to use Reiki to help soothe her too. I also gave my other children Reiki, and it became an integral part of my life. I created a Reiki for Parents course because I realized the value of Reiki for me as a parent, and I want to share it with all parents wishing to help themselves be better parents.

So not only is Reiki safe for pregnant women, I highly recommend it.

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About Reiki Awakening

Alice Langholt is a parent, author and teacher with Master level training in several Reiki modalities. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development ( Alice is the author of the new Reiki resource, Practical Reiki TM: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method, which won second place for Best Reiki Book in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards. Alice maintains a local Reiki practice as an Associate at Insight Learning and Wellness Center in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In addition, she has authored eBooks in Distance Healing and Energetic Protection, as well as specific curricula in Reiki for Parents, Reiki for Nurses and Caregivers (approved by the Ohio Board of Nurses for continuing education units), and more. Alice spent a year volunteering at The Cleveland Clinic offering Reiki to patients and staff, and is a Group Leader with The Distance Healing Network ( She will teach Practical Reiki in Lily Dale, NY (August 2013), and gives workshops at holistic expos around the US. Alice is rated the #1 most influential person on Twitter under the category Reiki by Her husband, Evan, and their four kids know and use Reiki. As a teacher, Alice believes that close guidance and mentoring are essential elements for learning energy healing. She provides this support to each student, getting to know each and assist him or her in growing intuition and becoming confident practitioners. Receive Reiki, order pendulums, energy charged stones, and more by visiting Alice at
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10 Responses to Is Reiki safe for pregnant women?

  1. Abby Wynne says:

    While I was pregnant I had Reiki during the last trimester and it didn’t agree with me. It made me agitated and I couldn’t sleep after it for two days. It happened twice after two sessions and so there was no doubt that it was the Reiki. I am a Reiki Master and I know that Reiki is safe. I say to my clients who are pregnant, try it and see how it is for you. We cannot make any assumptions.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Abby. Perhaps the Reiki was working on you in a detox sort of way, and you were adjusting to the energy. Hard to say, but you have a good point and “try it and see” is always good advice when it comes to Reiki.

  2. Sharon Hilling says:

    I gave my daughter reiki everyday I was pregnant and she rarely gets sick and is a tough cookie. For me, it was the best thing I could do for myself, even the midwife said it was one of the best pregnancies/births she had attended. I recommend reiki to all pregnant women ♥

    • Thank you for the comment, Sharon! I think it’s wonderful for pregnant women to know that Reiki is an option and its benefits can be very long-lasting for both mother and child. Love, Alice

  3. Good to learn about Reiki. Is this herb based?

  4. Tania Tonantzin says:

    Hello there!, my question is, I’m a holistic practitioner and Reiki is an important part of my practice, I’m currently pregnant and I would like to know if is safe for me to give Reiki to other people during this stage of my life. I feel that’s ok, however I would like expert advise. Thanks!

    • Absolutely. The energy is pure and healing. It will benefit you as you give to others, and don’t forget your self healing also! I was attuned to Reiki when I was pregnant. I did self healing every day, and during labor. This is one of the best times to be attuned to Reiki. You’ll also find Reiki beneficial for your newborn. Love and light to you. Feel good! xo, Alice

  5. Manju says:

    Thank you.. In India, the master who taught me the self reiki, told me not to do reiki during menstrual and pregnancy time.. Your article clarified it as u did it when u were pregnant. im right now facing conception problem. im going to heal myself and my husband and hope for the best.. Thanks again..

  6. payal says:

    i too am reiki attuned at three levels ,but due to sm reasons i have healed myself …. i am expecting a baby any day
    may be tomorrow i have to go for a c-section
    please send me healings for delivering baby and healing…

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