How does one “do Reiki?”

Q: How does one “do Reiki?”

A: I get this question a lot. It’s a great one!

A person who is attuned to Reiki (think of it like being a radio station dialed in to the Reiki channel!) can “turn on” the Reiki energy at will. This means that the person uses INTENTION to think “Reiki on” or any similar statement that turns his or her attention to the energy flow. It’s like pushing the “on” button on the radio (to continue with this analogy).

The practitioner can then direct (or “guide”) the energy by intention. So if the energy is needed to relieve pain, the practitioner may think “relieve pain in the shoulder.” Or if the energy is needed for self healing of a general sort, the practitioner may simply think “self healing” and place her hands on her own body. There are many more ways to direct Reiki, but these are just a couple examples.

In some Reiki methods, there are specific hand positions that are standard. The practitioner moves through each one and pays attention to the flow of the energy, in order to give feedback to the recipient about where the energy felt strongest, or blocked. Usui Reiki is one of the methods that incorporates a specific set of hand positions. Not all Reiki methods require this, though. In Kundalini Reiki, the practitioner may put her hands wherever she is guided to, or right on or above an area of concern. The energy flows to where it’s needed.

The Reiki energy may not really flow through the hands alone, but I believe it is activated by intention and the hands allow the practitioner to feel the nuances in the flow of energy as it is being received.

How does the Reiki practitioner know that the energy is flowing? This question really is answered by this next one: How does Reiki energy feel? That is a subjective experience. Best to say that everyone who works with Reiki energy feels “something” and once he recognizes what that “something” is, it is consistent and grows stronger with practice. So if the practitioner feels energy with the “touch” senses, he may feel tingles, changes in temperature, or other physical sensations. If the practitioner sees colors or images when he closes his eyes, he is visually inclined. So he should pay attention to those visual stimuli while giving Reiki, for a pattern that will give him messages about the recipient’s energy needs. Becoming aware of how energy feels to you is the first step in feeling the energy as you receive it, and working with Reiki as a practitioner once you are attuned.

If you have questions about Reiki, please leave them in a comment below! I’ll address them in future posts of the Reiki Question and Answer of the Day blog!

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