Physical reactions to Reiki – burping, stomach gurgles, etc.

Today I put on my “Dear Alice” (with a nod to “Dear Abby”) identity and respond to a question from a blog reader!

Here’s the question: Why could there be big and strong burping -literally like a frog- after Reiki sessions? My client received some Reiki sessions for feminine problems, she wanted to get pregnant, she never could, but it was really odd, about 30- 40 minutes with that……. THANKS :) ~Carmina

Dear Carmina,
When Reiki energy is directed to the lower chakras, and when it’s working there, the lower digestive system is also receiving energy. Blocked energy can also cause blockages in the reproductive and digestive system. When energy is moving around, unblocking, rearranging, clearing, for example, physical symptoms such as burping, stomach gurgles, and other reactions can occur afterward. Think of it as a sign that something is happening. Sometimes there is a “detox” sort of effect, which may even result in mild diarrhea or mild flu-like symptoms for a day or so. This is not considered a negative reaction, but instead the body’s way of letting go of the energetic toxins that were blocking its most effective functioning. So reassure your client, and tell her the burping means that the Reiki is doing its work on her. I’d also advise drinking plenty of water after any Reiki session.

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10 Responses to Physical reactions to Reiki – burping, stomach gurgles, etc.

  1. Thank you for this article it is opening my eyes to a very odd phenomena that I have experienced for the last year or so.

    I have noticed for myself that when I exposed to lower frequency energy or what I might call negative thinking either in myself or in others I burp and I am wondering if “digestive” disturbances go beyond physical food.

    Do you think burping relate to the base chakra in any way?

    I notice myself that when I wake up in the morning and walk through the house I burp and have wondered what that is.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Hi Monica,

      Thanks for your comment. I do think that all physical symptoms have an energetically related and integrated cause or symptom. So one thing – emotional energy, for example, triggers a physical reaction also. The stronger or more long-lasting the energetic input, the stronger a physical symptom can be observed. So yes, I do believe that digestive tract reactions such as burping could be related to disturbance in your energy in that area. While it’s not usually a base chakra symptom, it could be related somehow. Your intuition is powerful so I wouldn’t discount it. Mostly though, if I was to say where burping is located energetically, I might guess the second or third chakra. So stress, anxiety, worry, or disruption in close relationships could be energetically related. But remember that the chakras don’t act alone, so one could affect another, for instance, speaking with kindness involves the throat and also heart chakra, right?

      I recommend self healing each morning if you work with Reiki. If not, think about learning Reiki! 😀 I’m here to help. Love, Alice

      • Monique Gallagher says:

        Hello Alice,

        My apologies, I did not see your very detailed and kind reply, thank you! What was funny is that just this morning as I was working on my computer I started the deep burping from way within my body and it lasted for a long time – almost like an animal sound very low frequency and so I decided to search again on what it might be and I found your comment to me! Synchronicity 🙂 .
        The burping experiences went away almost completely when I moved into a new home (2 2 1/2 months ago and now I it is coming back again.
        How does one not plug into lower frequencies and process them? Also how to use Reiki on myself (I learned it many years ago and forgot how to do it).

        warmest regards,


      • Thanks for your comment. I think it’s not about avoiding lower frequencies as it is about creating balance within all of your chakras, and removing blockages to a good strong energy flow. Your body will react accordingly.

        Reiki self healing is the most essential form of Reiki practice there is. Basically, you activate Reiki and intend “self healing”, and then perhaps place your hands on yourself where comfortable. Allow the energy to flow and enjoy it. You’d have a great refresher course if you check out my book, Practical Reiki.


      • Alice,

        Thank you I will check out your book.

        all the best,

        PS Creating a stronger constitution is a great idea to ensure immunity rather than being in avoidance ;).

    • Yes, the lower digestive system is related to the lower chakras. I think you’re correct. I’d send extra energy to those chakras and use colors and stones to support your energetic protection as well.

      Much love,

  2. Cheryl says:

    2 years ago I had a reiki session. During that session my stomach made tons of noises. Ever since that session Ive had chronic diarrhea. Its aweful. SOme say to go back as it may be trapped energy. OMG…after the first experienced…Im scared. What are your thought?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for your question.
      Reiki cannot cause harm. That said, it can begin to bring issues to a person’s attention via the body. So if there is no known physical reason for your diarrhea, you might look at what emotional stresses are in your life. The body and the energy ARE interconnected, so healing happens on many levels, and emotional healing will help the body heal. So with that in mind, I DO recommend you receive Reiki again. There’s no need to be afraid. Your Higher Self will be in charge of how much energy you receive, and what it does.

      Love and light,

  3. Jayan says:

    I have been practicing reiki for a month and when i completed 18 days i got a strong headache. It last for 7 days and at present i experience as my head rounding (rotate) for 3 days. In these two cases i have no other problems. Can i consider it is the reaction of reiki ? Or i want to meet a doctor? Please help me!

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